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please feel free to comment on your recent adventure.  Hopefully, it will help other visitors as they prepare to visit our little corner of the world.

Subject New Page

Date Sun May 29 2016 05:38

Author Melody (melodysbirding@cox.net)

I have created a new page! I am hoping that people will share their experiences here in Southern Arizona. Melody


     Subject Birding with Melody

Date Mon Jun 27 2016 12:25

Author Stuart Walker (stuarttwalker@comcast.net)

I spent 5 days birding with Melody early in June, and would happily repeat the experience (and hopefully will!) She has an impressive command of bird calls and an intimate knowledge of southeast Arizona's best locations for finding birds, based on her 25 years of guiding experience. As a bonus, she provided excellent sandwiches and an array of snacks and drinks, and is a pleasure to be with personally. I heartily recommend her.


Subject Tufted Flycatcher Adventure

Date Fri Jun 24 2016 05:39

Author Davis


Thank you for such a consistently wonderful experience when we have our adventures.
In many ways this trip defined adventure. You are always there with patience and solutions !
Be back soon,



Subject Search for lifers

Date Tue Jun 28 2016 12:41

Author Beverly (Rbyates2@aol.com)

we provided Melody with a wish list. She said which were available and took us to them. Phenomenal ear, excellent guide, very good tour manager.


Subject Chasing Pine Flycatchers and Slate-throa

Date Sat Jul 9 2016 08:40

Author Edge

Thank you for sharing your very special oasis, a place of adventure and peace of your own making. And thank you for sharing the desert and mountains, the cacti and shrubs, flowers in bloom, the smells unique to southeast Arizona, and the sights and sounds of juncos, flycatchers, creepers, towhees, hummingbirds, and warblers (weren't those red-faced fun to watch!). And most of all, thank you for sharing your appreciation and enthusiasm for the many aspects of birding that keep us yearning for those winding roads.



Subject Sharing

Date Sun Jul 10 2016 16:46

Author Lud

Hi Melody,

You certainly stimulated my three grandsons. They were in Payson yesterday and I was the recipient of many bird ID texts. They identified a Dusky Flycatcher, Williamson Sapsucker, Tree Swallow, and Red-backed (DE) Junco. Also they spotted a Bald Eagle. I am thrilled that they have taken up birding, at least for now.


Subject Birding for novices

Date Mon Sep 26 2016 09:36

Author Pat V

Madera Canyon was the third leg of our three week adventure to SEAZ. That always makes it hard on the guide to find lifers but Melody did not disappoint. Sixty-six species and over twenty lifers. She drove which is the way to go. She would listen for calls or songs and then spot the bird with her binos and use her laser pointer if we needed help. She prepared a great lunch and then sent us a list of the birds seen. She also provided us with a pamphlet listing the Madera Birds and seasonality. She met all our needs and surpassed them. She is also well versed on the flora and fauna of the area Thank you Melody. We will see you again.


Subject An amazing adventure

Date Sat Oct 15 2016 06:37

Author Kerry (ckholguin@sbcglobal.net)

Hi Melody! I have been thinking about our September SEAZ birding adventure since arriving home on 10/1/16. I've read so much about birding this area, and have had this on my bucket list for many years. Thankfully, this year it happened and my good friend Livingstone, from Uganda, was able to share this amazing experience with me. You are not only a wonderful person, but an amazing guide. Your birding skills are outstanding, and your knowledge is incredible. Yes, you certainly know the bird calls and sounds. However, you also are tuned in to each of the different areas and the birds of those areas. For example, when we stopped in the second canyon on the way up to Mt. Lemmon and you suggested we wait while a group of birds made it's way down stream - you were right on. Behind the group of Bushtits, we had American Redstart, Townsend's Warbler, Yellow-eyed Junco and several others. It seemed that so many places you took us, including when we birded Florida Wash from the car, there were so many birds we didn't know where to look first and couldn't say their names fast enough! Livingstone got well over 50 life birds the first day, and in total, close to 100 during our time in Tucson. I got over 30 life birds!! Also, thank you for recommending that we visit Sierra Vista on our own: AMAZING. MY target bird for SEAZ was Elegant Trogon, but it seemed that was not likely. However, seeing that bird at Ramsey Canyon was incredible. We watched and photographed the beautiful male for well over 15 minutes!! The bird had not been seen there since August so we knew how fortunate we were to see it in late September! When we reported it at the gift shop they were dubious, but luckily we had many photos to document the sighting. Also, going to Mary Jo's B&B at Ash Canyon was a treat. She is a sweet heart and seeing the Lucifer's, as well as dozens of other hummingbirds, was wonderful.
Your guiding skills are amazing. Your picnic lunches were delicious and a great mid-day treat. The snacks, water bottles and pens you gave us in the car were also thoughtful. And providing lists each day of the birds we'd seen was wonderful.
Thank you doesn't seem enough. Perhaps you'll join us in Africa next year? That would be fun! I have photos to share with you as well, as promised! I will recommend you always and would never think of using anyone other than you for birding SEAZ. Thank you so much for making our first SEAZ birding trip outstanding! Kerry M.


Subject SEArizona target birding

Date Fri Jan 20 2017 15:02

Author Susan and Rich Boyd (rcsaboyd@gmail.com)

We recently birded 3 days, this January, with Melody in SE Arizona. We found her a highly experienced birder with a great personality and extraordinary hearing. She found many of our target species and exceeded our expectations by finding the Nutting's Flycatcher. Her genuine love of birding and 25 years of experience in the field made her a excellent guide. She revamped our schedule daily to work around some weather issues and made us quite welcome with lunches and treats, hot tea and hummingbirds. From a woman's perspective, Melody knew of all the local pitstops as well as the birding hot spots, flora and fauna! It was a wonderfully memorable experience and we will return to AZ to bird with Melody again. We highly recommend her. Susan and Rich Boyd


Subject Birding Tour

Date Mon Jul 17 2017 15:52

Author Peter Goodwin (peter@goodwinrecruitmwent.com.au)

My wife and I recently spent 6 days with Melody, hoping we might see up to 100 species of birds new to us. Being Australian residents, we had seen a limited number of North American species - about 75. We were taken to numerous locations, high and low, wet and dry and managed 129 new species. Melody is absolutely passionate about birds, is great company and provided us with great lunches each day. We could not recommend her highly enough for her knowledge, persistence and determination to deliver a great birding experience.


Subject Four Great Days of Birding

Date Sat Mar 10 2018 14:17

Author Scott Byrd (sbyrd1968@verizon.net)

This is certainly long overdue. I had the privilege of spending four days with Melody in mid-January where I had the best birding experience of my life. Prior to traveling to Arizona, I provided Melody with a large list of target birds with a hope that I might see half of them. Little did I know that I would see almost all of them, the exception being mountain species because we never made it to that habitat. Not only did Melody deliver on my species list, but she was also a joy to spend time with. Her passion for birds was evident at all times. I would gladly hire Melody again as I doubt I could find a better guide anywhere else.


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